Things to do in a garden on a rainy day

Rainy days can be depressing and dreary days to be in the garden. But do they really need to be? As the rain tumbles down on foliage and gets funnelled towards the roots, I can't help but think of a few things that I would like to get out and do.

1. Capture the moment. Those ephemeral moments when a droplet just garners enough molecules to extricate itself from the pointy tip of a leaf is quite a mesmerising sight to behold. The moment framed within the right composition, snapped not a moment too soon or too late has an astonishing way of reducing the world around to that one singular occurrence of a droplet leaving a leaf.

raindrop on leaf

2. A steamy cup of brew. Nothing warms the soul more than wrapping your palms around a hot, freshly-brewed cuppa on a rainy day, as the steam softly rises against your face.

cup of coffee

3. Slug patrol. For those gardeners who shy away from more drastic methods of slug removal and opt for the pick-up-and-fling method, slugs can be elusive creatures to find. They're most active at times when we are either asleep or when the midges have descended upon the garden in swarms. The rain is sure to bring them out of hiding in droves.

4. Pruning. For plants, getting a hair cut can be quite traumatic. It is best followed by offerings of plenty of moisture and feed after. Performing this task on a rainy, cloudy day can lessen the impact of it on them.

5. Watching reflections. Unless you have a substantial body of water in your garden, the only time we get to see the sky and other overhanging features at our feet is when it rains.

Rainy days need not subdue the gardener in you. A good pair of wellies and waterproofs is all you need to soak up the delights of a garden on a rainy day.

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