Chooi-leng Tan studied Sociology at Duke University and Industrial Design at Central St Martins. After working as a design creative in broadcast and advertising, and as an industrial designer, she obtained a diploma in Garden and Landscape Design from The Pickard School of Garden and Landscape Design. Her approach towards gardens and spaces is governed by her expertise in spatial design, experience in working with materials, along with a passion for horticulture.

Philosophy and approach


Spaces affect the way we feel and a well-created space invokes positive mood. Starting with the vernacular, we like to understand a garden's setting.


Constructing a coherent narrative across the garden or landscape forms the basis of an integrated space. 


It is imperative for us to know the needs of a client and their individual tastes. Purpose, aesthetics, proportion and the environment are just a few of the factors that influence the layout of a design. The materials we choose and forms they take are instrumental in creating a sense of intimacy. As a guiding principle, we try to focus on how it feels to experience a space from multiple perspectives.


Each planting scheme results from the interplay of different factors including existing native vegetation, environmental conditions, physical properties and lifecycles of individual plants, relationships between plants, their needs, how they relate to the non-living environment and the story they tell. 


Additionally, we collaborate with landscape contractors to establish a process that is as seamless as possible.


Effective communication and attention to detail are paramount.

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